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Here we focus on hustling less, creating more, and abandoning all of those fears about what we should be doing. My goal is to empower you to create your unique business and inspire you to confidently say YES to your big dreams. It doesn't have to be hard. Creating your business can be effortless.


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Bench is what I use for my bookkeeping. The first time I filed taxes as a business, I was terrified. When I started working on my money mindset it became clear that I needed to hire bookkeeping out so that I could relax more about my money. Bench was the easiest decision ever. They grow with your company, have an easy to use app, and are super nice people. I highly, highly recommend Bench!

Styled Stock Society

Stock photos are so useful! I'm a huge for of Styled Stock Society for a few reasons: the photos are always gorgeous, there are so many galleries to choose from, and there's even great templates for social media in there too! This would be an essential purchase for someone who's not ready to get their own custom stock photos yet, and definitely for designers (because you can use them with clients!)


Looking for the detailed shownotes?